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How to buy TikTok views

Are you looking for a quick TikTok views booster app? No need to download it or register - get a lot of views with only a few clicks for a reasonable price!
  • 01 Decide on how many views you would like to get

    Getting more TikTok views from PlaysWiz is easy. At first, you need to decide on the volume of boost that fits your needs the best.

  • 02 Fill in the order form by providing the link

    Acquire your TikTok video link from the app and paste it into the appropriate field in the ordering form. No need to provide your password or anything else.

  • 03 Get real TikTok views with fast delivery

    It is amazing how fast our views are. Improve your videos quickly to see organic engagement on your profile growing higher!

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    Proceed to checkout and get your order paid. Sit back and relax because there's nothing more you need to do gain views. Enjoy growing popular on TikTok as the count of view grows more and more.

TikTok Views FAQ

Below are the frequent questions and answers related to buying and getting TikTok views

How having many views can help my account getting popular?

It just so happens that people on social media usually ignore content with only a few views and likes. At the same time, videos that seem highly demanded and trending are more likely to catch new eyes and grow more popular consequently. Showing many views on videos helps to stand out from thousands of other content creators and influence the target audience. As for business accounts, a sufficient count of views on videos helps to attract more users to your content and, as a result, to grow the brand's recognition and visibility.

How to get free TikTok views?

In fact, views never come free. You will always have to spend some time or money in this or that way to get a thousand extra likes and views on your video. May it be promoting, being more active, participating in discussions, talking on trending videos or just buying views - it will take you to do something, to spare your time or a small sum. Some sellers announce trial free offers for TikTok views but they never work as promised. We stopped providing trials so you can't get free views for TikTok from us. However, if you are unsure about our service or just thinking about ordering from us for the first time, please take the smallest package. Promise, we will not disappoint you.

Can I buy real views on Tiktok?

Yes, these views are real, and no at, they are not, at the same time. The profiles you get views from are created by real users particularly for doing jobs related to social media. They earn money by doing small jobs such as following other users, watching their videos, putting likes, etc.

I'd like to buy automatic TikTok views but I can't see this service in your list

Sorry but we do not have auto or monthly views in the public list. However, if you need a custom service related to TikTok, don't hesitate to contact us using the contact form below. We will do our best to find a way to cooperate.

Is it safe to buy TikTok views? Will my account not be banned?

Buying Tik Tok views is absolutely legit. We grow views in full compliance with the platform's requirements so your profile's safety is 100% guaranteed. As for the other questions such as private data leak or payment security, there is no risk at all because the checkout steps are taken on the side of banks or other big financial institutions so the operations are fraud free.

Does TikTok pay for views on videos?

Yes you can start earning money if your views are popular enough. Actually, it can be great money if you are a famous influencer. But usually the TikTok payoff is relatively small. They pay from approximately .02 to .04 USD for 1000 views. That makes you able earn 20 to 40 USD for 1 million views. But if one day your videos start getting more than a million views regularly, your first contract for sponsored videos will find you before the payoff receipts.

Can I buy on a video with 0 tiktok views?

Unlike with many other providers, here you can buy TikTok views and see even better results for videos with 0 views, likes, or shares on it. Choose any package from our list - all of the will work great!

What payment options do you provide?

On playswiz you can buy Tiktok views using your Credit and Debit Cards of Visa and Mastercard. Apple pay or Google Pay systems are also available to pay with. Sadly, PayPal and Stripe are not available now but we will have these options back as soon as they change their terms of use.

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      • Justin Alexandre
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        Didn't expect to get all views on my TikTok so quickly. I will recommend your website

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      • ★★★★★
        Your web site can help the TikTok newcomers just like me on the first steps.

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      • G.J.
      • ★★★★★
        Pros: fast TikTok views, cheap prices, friendly and funny talks with the support team. Cons: wish I'd found your website earlier haha.

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      • Amy
      • ★★★★
        Wish you guys also had auto views for TikTok on your listing. The rest is just fine.

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