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If you are still questioning yourself in 2023 what's so special in Spotify that makes this platform so attractive to the world's largest community of artists and millions of listeners, then well, I've got bad news for you, because it looks like you completely missed it in 2018 and 2017. Asking Google about it today would tell you that right now it is the number one online music service in the industry that allows to stream songs so making it available on the go to the widest digital consumer audience ever along with such giant as Apple Music. And on the other hand, its simple but exciting interface fused with a quick search, machine learning, and algorithms of deep analysis makes it a perfect environment for a listener.

Make the most of Spotify

If mixing up all the advantages of top social media of 2023 such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the features that Spotify offers, you can sufficiently increase the exposure of your content, discover new fans, and grow your overall popularity. Add the features of such video hostings as YouTube and Vimeo, and you will create an outstanding promotion campaign for songs of any style and genre. Find a big blog or two that focus on the latest music and trends, touch with label owners or managers, find and follow well-known performers of your genre, share your demos and spread the word but don't forget to drive your visitors to your Spotify! You will be able to improve visibility and reach your listener easily and free of charge if you start to expose your music this way. It won't take you years to figure out how to draw a bright beam of light on your arts and how it actually works, it's not a rocket science, but it would turn out a good idea to spend a few hours for a couple of days to research the ABC of digital marketing campaigns to details, and you will get maximum of useful experience from it.

Another part is you can derive benefit from Spotify with their royalty program. Royalties are the funds artists get for getting their tracks streamed. If someone plays it completely, Spotify gives the owner a small sum as a payoff. It always starts with minimum money but then becomes a small but delightful source of income. Ask one of our managers for the assistance on this point by email or via the contact form to receive a complete report on this feature. The average reply cycle is about fifteen minutes to an hour when on the peak period.

buy spotify plays

Adding more plays

Now it is the moment for buying plays to appear on the scene. You won't believe this, but composers, producers, studios, managers and even big labels hire us to add extra streams directly to their songs, albums or playlists when they need to. What makes it all possible is our custom approach, cheap rates, and the ultimate privacy we do our work with. Nobody will ever know where are your plays are coming from, you are anonymous to all the others. And in case you also create a lot of noise about yourself and your content here and there on the Internet, such an enhancement would always look natural. Any product or a person looking bright, popular and demanded would more likely reach high retention and even get a chance to become viral, than the one with only a few views and visitors on it. If you're striving to let the world listen to your music, the unique marketing products offered to purchase at PlaysWiz are what you need to grow big!

Your perfect source of Spotify plays!

1000 and more entries are played daily with us!

Is it helpful to buy Spotify plays?

Spotify is one of the biggest platforms for streaming music right now. It's easy to imagine how great is the competition on this media network. Hundreds of thousands of artists dream of their music played by millions all over the globe. Their efforts are great and they do much to make their dreams come true every single day. In other words, a single track or even an album on Spotify would much likely be missed if not marketed, promoted and boosted to let it get sighted by many people so they can play it. Driving the advertising campaign only by the organic ways of promotion takes too much time and effort if taking into consideration the world, changing so rapidly - so the music and all the digital content does. Adding Spotify plays equals to gain an extra ranking on songs along with improving its look to listeners on the platform. It helps artists and their tracks a lot to get a better chance to get heard, played and supported by a wide audience.

Who strives to add plays?

Anyone. Actually, the portrait of a customer is not that clear. Anyone who would like to promote their name and art could become our client. We can equally work for a young and talented rapper dreaming of becoming GOAT on the scene, an aged charismatic country singer with thousands of listeners thinking of pushing his most recent song higher in charts, some underground house producer touring Asia which needs more plays on his tracks, or folk artists looking for a chance to build a wider exposure for their album. In case your music is streamed on Spotify and you want it to get spotted by some label or to drive a lot of sight to it, adding some extra plays with our help would be a good idea.

Why buying plays from us?

At this point we could write about a team of marketing experts joined together and got the team sealed with many years of experience and all that stuff many websites write about. But we would say that handling this business is not so easy and fun, and if running our service poorly, our company would much likely become broke quickly. Here we do not promise to give you some magic pill of fairy-tale instant plays for your songs on Spotify, but instead of it we bring real plays from regular and paid accounts you may even earn from royalties with using the safest way possible in a reasonable time - this is what you get if you order from us, and such high-quality service is guaranteed. So, just as usual, it is up to you to choose a seller, but keep PlaysWiz in mind as a fair partner looking forward to long business which offers probably the cheapest prices. It is easy to ensure yourself in it by taking a look into review sections telling about our performance on many portals related to reviews and testimonials. You can start a new step in your career right now!

How much time does it take to deliver plays?

In contrast to many companies offering instant delivery of Spotify plays, we promise to transfer small and medium packages within 24h and less, and we reserve up to 36h for the big bundles. Usually, it doesn't take us so long to attract listeners, but if taking into account the fact of working with third-party such as payment systems, internet service providers, and Spotify itself, we would reserve these periods of time to complete only because we can't predict force-majeure situations. Please keep in mind the fact of it is always not a matter of a few minutes to resolve issues and update on it. In any case, you are welcome to get the assistance of our staff on any question or issue.

What is the difference in the types of plays?

    Currently, we are offering the following types of Spotify plays:
  • Spotify plays - regular and steady plays from around the world. Choose the needed package, give us a link to your track or type in the name of the account, choose your song and proceed to the cart. Your plays will begin getting transferred after the transaction is successful and confirmed with a receipt.
  • Playlist plays - here you can give us a link to one of your playlists on Spotify to get it played by the users from our base.
  • Album plays - in this case, the whole package volume will be spread on all track of one of the albums in equal parts. For example, 10000 album plays purchased on the album which contains 10 tracks would distribute 1000 plays on each of the tracks.
  • Podcast Plays - one of our offers specially crafted in 2020 to bring more listeners to your podacst so once it would be able to receive more plays and streams. Does not work with content of any other type.
  • Targeted plays - you can target the improvement by specifying the country of the accounts your song will be played from. Please contact one of our managers for additional particulars using the form below before you purchase it.
  • Monthly listeners - this type of product is not yet implemented and not possible to order. Come back soon for more information on it.
  • Free plays - even though it is a popular query on Google and we are given a lot of requests for that, we don't drop freebies at all. You can try us with the least volume available for a small dollar and see for yourself
  • All of the digital goods listed above show a good result in improving the overall rating and the count of streams for each of the specified songs. See the page of terms and conditions and a policy section for a brief on ordering these tools.

Is it legal to use such services for Spotify?

Yes, it's legal, private, and absolutely safe. You can be sure that we drop plays according to all the rules, details and guidelines of the platform. Yet another thing to mention is is designed to be an extremely secure place to buy from. We don't require anything but your username or a link to your content to distribute the plays on. Also, we ask for your email to send you the confirmation receipt and the statistics of your order. We neither collect nor provide any of your personal information. Along with the fact that we do not process payments with passing this function to payment systems from A to Z, all of this makes using our website 100% safe and secure.