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Why choose PlaysWiz

Despite all social media tutorials and courses talking that buying Instagram followers can harm your account and your ranking, the demand for a good growth service is only growing year to year. The number of vendors in the market you can buy followers for Instagram from may shock you if you come to google it. The same with any other niche selling non-tangible goods, scam is here and there. Dozens of webshops simply take your money and provide nothing, others will reward you with followers of a crap userbase that drops in a little while, and only a few websites are really worth visiting. If you are looking for the right balance between relatively cheap prices, excellent service quality, and good customer experience, we welcome you at - a fair and trusted provider of social media growth services.

Why buy more Instagram followers?

No need to argue the fact that they buy Instagram followers to build up the image of success. This number has long been a factor able to make you stand out from the crowd, to create a better version of yourself, and allow you to take a better place in society. People would more likely to consider a person talking about some industry on Instagram expert if had more than 10000 followers and some tangible engagement in a form of likes and comments on his publications. The chance of hitting the same spot for the same person while only having 100 or 200 followers is highly expected to be slim. That makes many look for the best place to buy Instagram followers means to buy cheap on one hand and to get the top-notch quality service on another.

Why followers are important

There is nothing that describes your popularity on all social media platforms better than your number of followers. May it be an account of a blogger, a brand, or a company, there is one point in common for all of them and that thing is their goals on Instagram or any other media. Everybody is striving to grow their audience, to win new subscribers. Your loyal crowd is called followers if we are talking about Instagram in particular. In 2024 it is not a secret for anyone that the easisest way to spread the word is to put it in the mouth of various influencers and opinion leaders. Turning to bloggers who have many followers on Instagram has proven to be effective for marketing needs in the most recent years. Popular online services, brands of the cosmetics and fashion industry, music artists, public leaders, even political figures benefit from the opportunities of talking about their products and ideas through Instagram-based influencers.

buy instagram followers

How can I gain more followers?

So, the first peak is conquered, you are inspired with your wins here and you want to move on from this point. But in fact, it turns out on the next move that you're stalling and you need to find ways to build up your further growth. Marketers may lead you to known shortcuts such as mutual engagement and paid solutions but it won't get you far since low-quality boosts never bring the desired value. Here goes an effective set of tips on how you can gain more real followers for your Instagram.

Build up your profile clean and good-looking

The thing to take care of first is to prepare your instance for the new fans to come over. This is the essential step any expert would point out because clothing is the way to look. You should come up with a complete bio for your profile and think of it as your brand's slogan or a short offer. Top it off with a memorable avatar which should build up a strong association with you and your niche. Adding a link to your web site will do good by adding some extra trust to your page in the eyes of your audience. From here your page is ready to meet new followers and your future efforts on marketing your name on Instagram will not go in vain.

Remain consistent for your followers

One of the basic keys to success on Instagram is consistency. Once you decided to work your page to success, the next thing to do is to maintain stable uploads. The worst thing you can do is to make your audience wait for your next post, to skip the time when you usually publish. Remember, the biggest competition on social media is the fight for eyes and minds. Other striving Instagrammers will not give you a chance and wait till you post - they will be happy to take your followers away from you.

Use planners and scheduling services

Various planners and scheduling services can give you a clear picture of what's done and what is to be done on your Instagram thus letting you build up a complete promotion strategy based on your wins and losses. Going somewhere with no strategy in mind can only bring a few moments of occasional success which will most likely be offset by losses while your success equals a smooth gain of new followers. This is where the scheduling services are great at.

Get mentioned and promoted

One of the most efficient ways to build up trust and exposure for your brand on social media is to get other people to repost your publications and cite your content. Making 100 users talk about you on social media will bring 1000 new followers to your account. The easiest way to do that is to become a sponsor for posts. Following this idea will make you spend your money but the result is worth it if the idea is well-designed. In case paid sponsorship is not what you're looking for, you can find a blogger just like you and start series of posts or stories and feature each other. These are only two ways you can get more real followers by making other people mention your profile.

Buy Instagram followers for better growth

What you should become is that train of success everybody would like to jump in. If you feel your organic growth is just not enough to keep your page look popular and demanded, well it's time to buy Instagram followers to keep it growing smoothly in the eyes of your subscribers. Choose the right package and get just as much extra gain as you need with instant, quick or gradual delivery. There is a golden middle between the number of your real followers and the part you paid for, the thing is to never cross that border so don't get too fond of the process.

Know your audience

Just like Dale Carnegie said, you better have worms and not strawberries if you're going to fish no matter if you find strawberries taste better. If you'd like to gain more followers, it would be clever of you to focus on the interests of your audience, to know their pains, to figure out what makes them feel great. Learn your crowd from A to Z, make them happy and they will pay you back!

Maintain the conversation

It is vitally important that your followers can see you are here to take your part in the conversation, to answer them, to comment on their opinions. If you are working on the account of a brand or product, you will get a lot of feedback both in direct messages and in comments under the posts. In this case it would be wise of you to answer all the inquiries and reviews. Keep aware of the most recent posts in the trending accounts of your niche - join the conversations as a brand expert, give useful hints and clues, gently share your opinion. Being social and active can help you win followers for your brand every day.

Benefit from using trending hashtags

One of the most powerful ways to win better visibility for your content is hashtags. Despite various social media experts said hashtags are not working we know cases of setting up a new steady gain of followers by adding a properly selected set of hashtags to the posts. Don't miss an opportunity to benefit from same, give trending hashtags a chance and you will notice your page is gaining more followers day by day. And it is absolutely free!

How to buy Instagram followers

Can you imagine that webshops selling followers previously required their clients to register by filling in long forms, to provide a lot of personal data such as their IG password, etc. Customers had to do a lot of things just to buy a hundred followers. It’s great that these times are gone and today you do that by doing only a few taps using any device connected to the Internet.

We know how you like things made simple and effective so we have designed our website to meet this concept at its best. No special skills required, anyone can do this by following this short guide.

  • Enter and tap Instagram on the list of the platforms we currently provide for.
  • Choose Instagram followers from the dropdown menu, then continue to selecting the desired package.
  • Fill in the username of the account you'd like to buy Instagram followers for. After that tap the Buy button.
  • Continue to the ordering page. Check if all the details of your order are correct.
  • Follow to check out and transfer the payment using one of the payment options.
  • That's it, give your boost a little while to initialize. Your new followers will show up adding on your account very shortly.

Make sure that the account you'd like to improve with new followers will stay public throughout the entire process and until the order is complete. There is no way for us to set the improvement running on private accounts so if you'd like your profile to stay closed for public sight, please turn it private only after the process is finished.

Buy Instagram followers from a trusted provider!

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How can gaining more Instagram followers be beneficial for my business?

It is quite staight. Right now, at this moment, big companies and local businesses do their daily steps to grow their instance on Instagram. The reason why they are doing this is simple: an account with 1000 followers would more likely win your eyes than a page with only 50 loyal followers. The accounts followed by many look successful to our minds. On another hand we consider content on such pages more interesting and useful. Our psychology lets us expect from these pages to share their success with us and it doesn't require us to review it, we just believe it instead. If your business is about online sales, gaining real followers is definitely what you need to do because you need to make your new clients sure your brand is trustworthy. People are most likely to check your offer and pay for your service or product if they see many are already following you on the biggest platforms such as Instagram. If you're aiming for better results, buying Instagram followers from us is just what you need.

The followers you provide are real, aren't they?

We know the majority of websites call their followers real and promise an increase in authentic and loyal base of followers however it is just not true in merely all cases. No matter if they call themselves just sellers or premium growth services, there is no way some paid service can make real users on Instagram become your followers. All they do is just some false advertisement and that is all you have to know about that.

We call our followers real in the meaning of realistic. They are definitely not some real Instagrammers who live their lives with these accounts. With all that said, our followers look real, they all have posts, there are a few words in their bio, all of them have avatar pics, they all follow and have their own followers. They even post stories sometimes. These accounts are specially created by people to do small jobs on Instagram, for example to follow you. These just can't be real for the money we take to provide.

Today you can find nearly 100% of the companies on Google promise their followers with instant delivery are real users on Instagram but who needs these sweet lies?

Do I take a risk at buying followers for my Instagram?

We don't know a single issue of taking penalties from the platform's administration for the reasons of buying followers or any other our service. Our tech team keeps their finger on the pulse of the latest changes and trends of the platform, that makes us able to bring you new followers in full complience to the actual requirements and policies.

It is clear for us what privacy means to our clients so you can be sure you leave no trace of your purchase on PlaysWiz. Your presence here is totally secure.

The payment part takes place on the bank's side. This makes possible to nullify risks so your payment data is absolutely safe, there is nothing to worry about.

Why do I need to buy Instagram followers in 2024?

Since the moment of social media has turned into an individual chanel one can influence others on, millions do their best daily to build up their personal brand. It opened up a great opportunity for everyone to earn money while doing no regular job. No cubicles, no boring offices, no bosses - just you and your device on social media. It’s no rocket science that teens and grown-ups are dreaming to become successful bloggers to earn just from the Internet but it’s not that easy - many are vying for a better place under the sun at any given time. Buying Instagram followers can help you build up visibility for your brand in 2024. Remember that it’s just one of the instruments for a better carrer on Instagram - don’t let it carry you too far away.

Will I be able to remove the followers I get from you?

We don't log the operations we do to the accounts of our clients neither we log the added accounts so we can't undo our work. But if you'd like to remove the followers you purchased and got from us for some reason, you can easily do that from your side. All you need to do is to block the followers you don't like manually from the app or using the web interface of Instagram.

Can I buy active followers from your company?

Despite the fact that a lot of social media experts have already said that you can’t buy real and active followers, people are still striving to find a way to buy this type. It’s quite expected that unscrupulous sellers are feeding this myth and promise the followers they provide are all active, ready to engage on your content and things like that. They are here just to supply the demand. No matter the place you are going to buy active Instagram followers at, your new followers will not be active. Don’t fall for empty promises. If you’d like to buy quality Instagram followers with high retention that look real, choose our service and you will not be disappointed.

Will my new followers stay permanent?

The same with gaining authentic audience naturally your followers counter can go higher and lower because users can both come and go. It works equally for your existing audience, the one you gained before starting an order from any seller in the market. Nevertheless we guarantee to increase your account with the purchased number of followers starting from your initial point. In case you faced a drop in following for some reason, we will replenish the missing followers according to our terms of service as soon as possible for free. Simply request a refill by using our contact form in the footer of this web site.

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