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Why should I buy Instagram views?

It has been a dozen years since Instagram started as a fresh platform for sharing photos. Firstly known as quite a bit hipster app, Instagram has been closely associated with bearded males in plaid shirts, shots of meals, cats, and nature. Since the day it has become a part of the Facebook empire it was only growing and did to the pretty much biggest and most popular social network known ever. With the user base expanding exponentially, the need to rank content arisen. That was the time when likes started to play an essential role - the more you had, the higher your photos got on the way to the recommended section.

Marketers always keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends. That is when the first paid growth services started. And thanks to that moment, you can easily buy Instagram views on your videos.

Why Instagram views are important

Today all types of engagement play the same important role in making your photos and videos seen by many. It is essentially important not only to create better content but to make your uploads look better on the app's feed so more people may engage on it. This is the reason why it is time to buy Instagram views fused with a bit of likes and comments. That is the way you can put your Reel, IGTV, or a plain video post into a better light. Doing it the right way upscales organic engagement on your profile. Pure magic!

Buying views is especially important for all the artists out there. It is a challenge to be a music producer or performing artist today because of the highest competition ever. And it is the same on nearly all big social media platforms. In 2024, you should promote your videos by all means necessary to make them go viral. And if you succeed, you will wake up famous and your efforts will pay you back with prosperity.

How to buy Instagram views

We turned buying views into a pleasure. It has never been easier than today and today you order a package or two by taking only a few easy steps. No special skill or experience is required - follow this simple instruction and get some extra eyes on your clips.

  • Since you are already on the page related to buying Instagram views, let's skip the step of entering the website and advance to choosing the package you need
  • We've got a lot of marketing products for any budget. Check the list of our offers and find out the package that suits you the most. The best number of views to buy should be about half of the number of followers you got. If you are not sure if one of the packs meets your needs the best, don't hesitate to reach to our support. They would be happy to assist you in this step.
  • Mind that you can share most of the packages on multiple posts while only the least volume is suitable to deliver on a single post only. Fill in the Instagram username you would like to order on and tap the Buy button.
  • No password required! We don't need you to register or provide your important Instagram data to add views on your vids.
  • Proceed to choosing one or more posts to boost. A grid of the most recent publications will appear. The kind of Instagram video does not matter, we can deliver quality views on regular Instagram videos, Instagram Reels, IGTV, and Stories. Select one or more videos by tapping on them.
  • Now you are only one step away from creating your order. Check the order details, if everything is right about it.
  • Important: Please keep your account public until we provide the boost completely. Also, note that putting your posts to archive after you paid for your order makes it impossible for us to provide views on it.
  • Continue to check out with the most suitable payment option from the list. You can buy Instagram views using PayPal, BitCoin, Credit or Debit Card such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and similar.
  • Make a payment and give us a few minutes to receive the sum and process your order. The increase you purchased will start to appear on your post very soon. That's it - like a piece of cake!

One of the popular things people search on Google is a place to buy Instagram views $1 cheap or some magic way to get free views regularly. Don't believe the hype - the only free cheese you can find is the cheese in a mousetrap. You can easily google a bunch of websites that promote their one-dollar deals for IG views but such offers always come out as false advertising or a simple scam. In most cases, services like that turn out to be of poor quality and result in an awful customer experience.

As the sector's leading company we rather aim for providing top-notch quality service standards while keeping our prices competitive and closer to average in the niche.

More facts on Instagram views

Free Instagram Views And Trials

Another point to draw some light on is trial offers and free Instagram views. Sorry to say but we do not offer free Instagram views. We are confident in the quality and safety of the products we offer to pass this option. Moreover, we believe that even the tiniest work has its price. If you are not sure about making a purchase, please pick one of our low-priced most affordable starter packages to test our services. We will do our best to bring you the best experience, promise you will not be disappointed.

Pros and cons of auto views

While the pros of automatic Instagram views are quite clear for our customers, this type has a few cons we need to talk over.

We know your time is golden and how automatic services can help you stay focused on your business, however, you cannot buy auto views or monthly packages from us. The reason is quite simple - all online services are highly dependent on internet technologies which are not perfectly stable all the time.

Having made our choice between convenience and reliability, we advise our customers not to rely entirely on existing automated solutions. Instead, it's worth spending a little time to make sure your profile gets the boost you buy.

Can I buy real Instagram views?

Here we need you to know one thing. There is no way in 2024 you can buy real views or any other engagement on Instagram if calling real only the authentic and organic views and likes. Most of the providers out there say the views they provide come from real people. Well, all you can expect from using such sources is false advertising, poor performance, and therefore, bad experience.

You can buy real Instagram views only in the following meaning: the accounts the views come from will look realistic, close to call it real. All of them will come with an avatar, short bio, posts, and even stories sometimes. They follow and got followers, just like real Instagrammers. We would like to be completely transparent to our customers, so that is what we call real views by saying it on the pages at

How to make your organic views grow

Growing the number of real views is only possible by following the organic methods of promotion. One of the basic ways to expand your reach is using native Instagram and Facebook ads. Here are a few tips from our experts on how you can grow organic views by making real people like me and you notice your content and engage on it:

  • Stand out from all of your competitors with the best quality content possible.
  • Put a link to all of your accounts on different social media in bio, that is how you can drive user traffic and engagement from one network to another.
  • Look for the leaders of your industry on Instagram and find out how can you use their experience to improve your growth strategy. Take the best from them to overcome them someday.
  • Research your audience and find the best time to post so you can gain the most of views from real profiles.
  • Knowing the interests of your crowd would result in hitting the top with your videos. It is especially so with Reels now.
  • Be more social and active with your readers, dive into dialogs, notice every time they mention your username. Make your followers sure you are a live person or a brand they can easily reach to.
  • Use one of the online tools to explore trending hashtags and build a unique set of hashtags for your profile. This can help you result better!
  • Buy views. Yes, make your videos look popular. People love trending things so showing them you're on top may make your numbers roll like a snowball.

Follow these tips to expand your visibility and reach so you can start winning more real views for your videos. Note that you can buy views fast from our website to help maintain more organic growth on your Instagram.


Below are the questions about buying Instagram views customers ask our support most frequently

How can my business and brand benefit from growing Instagram views?

The best thing you can do for your business on social media is to grow brand awareness and credibility. If Instagramers massively cite your account or dozens of communities on various platforms repost or discuss your latest video, isn't it that success every marketer is dreaming of? Getting many views on your videos, IGTV, and Reels on Instagram is a sign of trust and also a halfway to success.

You can easily benefit from being popular on Instagram by having more sales if you're a business or brand. You can turn your growing popularity into better advertising offers if you are a blogger, influencer, or public person. Well, if you are a performing artist or producer, labels may notice your music and sign a contract with you. You can convert your image on Instagram into money by literally being a better version of yourself.

Another popular way to expand your reach is to collaborate with other bloggers, brands, and artists. One thing to take care of is to make your name at least a little known in your niche before looking for a collab. This is where buying views can help to put your page on Instagram into a better light in case your uploads are still missing the eyes from online.

Remember, the key to success is to be consistent and follow a clear and detailed master plan where operations of the campaign are broken down by sector and sub-sector. Each of the steps must be clear so even buying Instagram views will do only good for your image.

How long does it usually take to deliver views on Instagram?

Frankly, not much. After the order is paid, we need a few minutes to register your payment and process your order. From that moment your box is ready for delivery.

Our servers firstly collect the required number of users from the base. After that the algorithm sends them a working task automatically. Next, the users will proceed to your video publications and view them. The engaged profiles will turn into the number of views on the post rolling on and on.

If you feel the Instagram views you purchased from us are not instant or fast as described, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support - we are here to help with questions and resolve all issues with 24/7 live assistance. For the most complicated cases, we reserve 24h to complete.

Is it safe to buy Instagram views from your company?

Our marketing and backend experience allows us to provide views safe for your account and content, no worries. Our clients did not report a single issue of taking a penalty from the IG's administration for using our services during the existence of our company. We bring views the legit way in compliance with the terms and conditions of the social network. They cannot accuse you of adding views with us and ban your Instagram for that, not a chance.

We hand payment processing to the secure third party gates of banks and large financial institutions such as Stripe, PayPal, and other well-known payment solutions thus turning this step 100% secure and leak-free. You will not lose any of your sensitive data if buying from us with your debit or credit card.

Why is the best site to buy Instagram views?

Rely on the team of experts with many years experience - thanks to our company you can concentrate totally on the development of your brand and business. Our job is to help you get the most benefits from Instagram.

  • Our company provides a 100% delivery guarantee on all types of Instagram views so you will receive the purchased no matter what.
  • We refund fully or partially if we fail to complete in 96 hours since the moment of purchase.
  • Our free refill protocol is equally quick and efficient for all cases of drop. Please refer to the Terms And Conditions section for more details on it.
  • We transformed our apps and bots into a new website with a user-friendly interface so you can buy fast boosts quickly and easily using nearly any mobile device capable to enter websites.

  • Looking for a custom service? Simply request it using our Contact form down the website, anytime!
  • We shield all steps of the process with HTTPS secure protocol and the SSL certificate protection.
  • does not use cookies to maintain the complete privacy level for our clients. Neither store any of your data nor hand or sell it to any third party as many big websites do. Nobody will know you ordered from us.
  • PlaysWiz helps to fight online scam by processing payments through multiple anti-fraud database systems.
  • Please refer to the paragraphs above to learn more about the variety of prospects of buying from us.

Well, does it sound convincing enough to call us the best place to buy Instagram views? There is no better time to start building a better Instagram than now so why not choose the industry's leader to supervise the boosting routine? We are here to help businesses and future influencers kickstart organic growth.

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