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How can I make an order?

First of all, choose the section and the service related to the media platform your promoted content is stored at. You can swipe our offers on the homepage or go to the exact section of our website. Fill in the required information and procced to the payment procedure. After the payment is done, your order will be processed by one of our managers - your order number will be contained in the section of Product Description of the receipt you got from the payment system. That's it, all you have to do now is wait while we're working to apply the purchased boost on your account or content.

Is it safe to enhance my songs this way?

We work in full accordance with guidelines of all the platforms, so there is no risk of receiving a penalty or being banned or suspended.

How much time it's going to take to make my account/content start receiving your product?

It depends on many factors and we work hard to make it as fast as possible. Please refer to the description written on the pricing of the product you'd like to purchase before buying, the approximate delivery time is available there. Also, the section of Terms And Conditions contains the latest news, descriptions and statements about the products we offer.

Do you offer any discounts or coupons?

Yes, we provide discounts to our serial and regular customers. Coupons are available on seasonal, holiday and special sales. You can find our coupons on websites related to coupons and discounts. Apply it to the special coupon place before starting a transaction.

Are your products going to stay permanent?

Yes, plays and likes you receive are permanent, but in case of followers it's never that simple. You may lose your followers if they got deleted by the platform for the reason of a period of inactivity or some followers may simply unfollow you. You can lose your initial followers as well and it may look like you lost some from our delivery. In most of cases like that we offer a 20 to 30 days free refill guarantee (depends on the current offers - please refer to the Terms And Conditions section).

Do I have to provide my account's password?

No, our software is designed so you don't have to provide us a password or any kind of personal data. Please, remember, we NEVER ask for password. We neither collect nor store any personal information of our clients.

How to pick the package that would fit me the best?

It's absolutely up to you to pick the exact type and volume of the product from our offers. We believe every user of Spotify and SoundCloud can find something to suit the needs.

Why PlaysWiz?

You will easily find the answer just with your first one or two orders made from PlaysWiz. We bring great product quality and the best customer experience providing premium support and assistance 24/7 to every our client.