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Why you should buy Instagram comments?

In 2024 nobody would argue that Instagram is the most attractive social network no matter the age, sex, or place on Earth. At a glance, it feels like everyone is building their brand or promote a business there. Well, it’s true on one hand because now the app born of a hipster startup for sharing photos is counting millions of worldwide audience, and it was never before this big.

It is not rocket science that there is no easy way you can stand out from the line in a crowd so huge. You better be someone special or show something extraordinary to the world. Otherwise, all your videos, photos, stories, reels that take much time to create would pass on lost in the ocean of content made by other Instagrammers. Well, this is why you should buy Instagram comments - let your videos look popular with lots of engagement to help grow your organic reach and impressions.

What is Instagram comments and how they work

Comments are one of the essential ways Instagrammers interact with each other on the platform. Along with likes and views, comments build up engagement statistics of every publication on IG.

The principle of operation is this simple: the more, the better. Well, don't they say that all press is good press? It's the same for the number of comments if you are aiming for more visibility on social media. While they talk on your post in a very positive or negative undertone, both will do good for your posts. On the other hand, it's worth using the best of your charisma while replying to comments - that is how you can turn even a seriously wicked hater into a new follower.

Do you know that touch of warm feeling when you find yourself talking to a living person, a human behind the name of a brand, account, or a popular blog? It's time to be more human, more social on the Internet. As a result, your profile may go more lively than ever before. This is how Insta comments work.

How to buy Instagram comments

Today the way paid improvements for Instagram work is no more some magical stuff. Moreover, buying comments, likes, and views is more actual than ever because of their great efficiency and the results they bring for marketers.

It is yet common for famous bloggers, companies, businesses, brands, aspiring creators, and just users to pay growth companies so they can add new comments on their IG on their fresh posts. Let’s pass on the overall popularity of all boosters for engagement and visibility on social media and rather talk in brief on how to buy Instagram comments to take the best of it.

  • Find the best place to buy Instagram comments. That's not an easy thing because companies are so many. Check the most recent feedback on what was good about a particular provider and what was not. But if you don't like waste time, scroll down to the section where we explain in short why PlaysWiz can become an ultimate partner in turning your Instagram notably better.
  • We would advise you not to fall to websites which offer to add comments on Instagram cheapest. The price of services in this sector speaks particularly well for their features. If you are looking for high-quality fast service, better not to waste time and money trying cheap bot offers.
  • Everything next is way easier than the first step. Most of the websites out there have an intuitive user interface and clean blocks of popular frameworks. So it won't take you long to reach the particular section where you can buy comments for Instagram.
  • First, choose the package you need. Second, type in the account name, which holds the posts you'd like to add comments on and press the Buy button. It will take you to select one or several uploads from your feed, your Reels, or Stories.
  • Now it's time to review all the order details. If everything is fine, proceed to check out.
  • On the Internet, you can buy Instagram comments with PayPal, Stripe, Cryptocurrency, ATM Credit or Debit cards such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Diners Club, etc. Please refer to the list of payment options our website is currently offering. Use the most convenient method to transfer the required sum.
  • From now, the order for comments you started is on the processing line. Nothing more to do - just wait for the comments you ordered to start showing up on your uploads!

It's easy to grow engagement with paid services no matter the type of your host media is. But even though everything seems simple at a glance, it is vitally important to pay special attention to finding the best place to buy comments on Instagram. We're here to save you time - try one of our packages at and promise, you will not be disappointed!

Known types of Instagram comments

Growth companies provide both random and custom comments, but what is the difference between these two types?

Random Comments

Now, if you are up to grow comments on Instagram with us, you will get some random replies as a result. Most of them are more likely to be English, often enriched with emojis. You never know in advance what exactly the service is going to bring you. It may happen these new comments don't match up too much with the target post's story, picture, or video. That is why people sometimes have to delete these new comments partially. Usually, they buy more than required because of this, although, however, random comments are less expensive to afford.

Custom Comments

That is not the same for the second type. Custom comments require you to provide all the replies you'd like to receive at first. They also require manual processing on the provider's side because companies don't serve negative tone, bullying, swear, etc. That is why they are more costly and take more time to deliver - custom comments require the operator to moderate the provided data and take control of the delivery process.

You can buy custom Instagram comments by requesting this service from our support using the Contact form below.

Automatic Comments

Unlike with the first two, the meaning of auto comments, or how they call it in another way, monthly comments - is obvious to see. Any automated growth product allows you to purchase a package once per month and shift the rest of the routine on the provider’s shoulders. But it is the best-case scenario where you get comments on the fresh post a clockwork. In reality, nothing is perfectly stable, neither the software and scripts vendors use to deliver are. Moreover, third-party issues and updates on IG may cause glitches and crashes, so your new upload may miss a round of improvement you ordered.

We highly advise passing on the automated options and turning to regular services to achieve the best result.

A few words on buying real Instagram comments

We know how badly you'd like to buy real Instagram comments. The bad thing is vendors know that too. Many advertise their services as authentic organic improvements, but in fact, it is never the same. Sellers in the sector exploit the myth stating there is a way to buy real engagement - the truth is that it's not. There is no known company on the market you can pay an affordable price to bring you comments from real Insta users. The cost of such improvement would be disproportionate.

For our part, we would say that you get comments from very realistic accounts. All of them have an avatar, short bio, some uploads. They got followers, they follow, so they look very close to calling them real Instagrammers. But please keep in mind that it's nothing else but a cosmetic enhancement, a kind of filter to look better to others.

How online businesses can benefit from growing comments on Instagram

If you are a business or just sell something online, comments have the strength to bring more trust to your brand. Indeed, nothing can speak about your company better than live feedback from the clients does. Also, giving quick answers to the comments on your page turns you into a reliable seller. Now, the benefits from buying comments for any online business are clear: comments help to build awareness in any commercial sector, grow sales, and finally - attract more visitors to your website.


Most frequently asked questions on 250+ orders we process daily!

How to get more organic comments on Instagram?

Firstly you should explore a dozen blogs where people talk about Instagram's 2024 ranking algorithm to understand how it works.

There are a few practices for you to do to ensure you get more Instagram comments, likes, and views. As you advance on reach and engagement, it gives more priority to your posts for the ranking algorithm. Growing organic comments on Instagram would come easier if following this short instruction.

  • Switch to a business account.
    Going Business gives a few hidden features you should not miss. It makes things more simple using Insights. This feature allows you to see the posts with highest reach and engagement and also the time when your crowd is most active. Insights give a complete and clear picture of how other Instagrammers interact with your content. Explore and analyze daily statistics to double up engagement and gain more Instagram comments in particular.
  • Collaborate with popular names
    It is always beneficial to find a strong brand to collaborate with. It is especially so for all the artists and bloggers out there - starting a collab with some popular name would result in more visits to your profiles and content on social media. This is how you can get more organic comments from real users.
  • Reply Instantly.
    It is possible to get more real user comments on Instagram if you answer instantly. Push notifications turned on can make you able to reply in an eye blink. Quick replies build a better impression of your account and may result in starting long, continuing conversations - other users can fall on these dialogs and start dropping comments too.
  • Build relations with your readers and followers.
    Take some time to explore the list of your followers and find your top commenters. Reach out to them, be social and friendly, put likes and comment on their recent posts.
  • Run contests.
    If you can extend your marketing budget, there is no better way to ramp up your followers and reach than to announce a contest or giveaway. Indeed, more users will follow your profile, put comments and likes on the target posts to participate.
  • Use planners
    It is essential for all marketers to set up a content plan for better reach and engagement on Instagram. Using one of the advanced planners helps to avoid uploading duplicates and also keeps you aligned with the chosen strategy. Moreover, the history of your actions can tell you if it is the best time to buy Instagram comments to boost your growth or not.
  • Put hashtags.
    Using relevant trending hashtags is a must for today - they are efficient as never before. Hashtags can drive people from other niches and even countries you would never come across in another way. The more eyes for your shots - the more comments you get on Instagram.
  • Shoot Reels.
    Reels are your ticket to a higher organic reach. This feature has become one of the most demanded and popular functions of Instagram in 2021. Originated from the famous TikTok, they can make any page stand out from the rest of others. By the way, you can grow comments on Reels with us!

Will my comments go down and drop with time?

We don't know a single issue of drop for comments for all the time we have been providing it. However, the truth is that drop and delivery problems can never be predicted with accuracy because they may apply another update or some minor changes to the platform on IG's side. That may cause malfunctions and fault issues.

Our Free Refill Policy covers drop issues for all listed services. Please refer to the Terms And Conditions section for more information about it.

Can I get free Instagram comments from you? Do you have a trial offer?

No, sorry. Right now there is no way you can get free Instagram comments from us.

If you fell on a free trial offer on a webiste of some other seller, it is more likely that you will provide a lot of information about yourself, complete a boring form, take a dozen steps but not get that package in the end. The reason why they do that is pretty cut and dry - we repsect our clients and just don't like to play games like that.

Moreover, we are confident about our top-notch preformance. Please, try one of the starter packages to make sure we provide the best growth products!

Why PlaysWiz is the best site to buy Instagram comments

  • We guarantee to deliver any order for Instagram comments - you will receive the purchased no matter what.
  • Our great Free Refill Policy covers all possible drops. Please visit our Terms Of Service for more information about it.
  • We refund fully or partially if we fail to complete in 48 hours from the moment of purchase. Don't want to wait until we find a solution to your issue? Request a refund from our support line!
  • Are you looking for a package or service you can't find on our website? Just request it as a custom service using the Contact Form below!
  • We maintain the highest security and privacy standards. The webshop at does not require any sensitive information to use it. We never ask for a password, neither collect, store or sell your data to a third party. Here you can be sure in 100% privacy - there is no way they can figure out you've been buying from us.
  • Our company hands all the checkout steps to the well-known major financial institutions. The payment process is running on their end. That makes it 100% safe and secure, and there is no risk for your data to leak out.

PlaysWiz is a years-experienced seller trusted by many. All the above pros make us the best site to buy Instagram comments on.

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