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Why Instagram likes are important

Today, in 2024 Instagram seems to be not only the same popular social media platform and powerful marketplace as it was during the recent years but rather only gaining momentum. Artists quickly adopted the new short video feature called Reels and right now you can see many performers, producers, beatmakers and other music enthusiasts exhibiting their skills on the platform. This new feature created new opportunities for promote new songs and albums, to let artists speak of themselves. Now you can get Instagram likes not only on your photo and video posts but also on IGTV and Reels. That highly increases the overall engagement on the promoted account and content.

When the community celebrated Instagram getting rid of likes, many thought that the race for likes is over, they will never be of the same demand and nobody would buy Instagram likes anymore. However, with many bloggers and content creators spoke of new untransparent ranking and promised to leave the platform, they had to return visible counter of likes on posts. That is how users declared the importance of likes on Instagram and taken back its evaluating role in defecting valuable content.

Today you can buy real Instagram likes from realistic accounts held by Instagrammers from around the world and it's all possible here on PlaysWiz.

buy instagram likes

Why buy more Instagram likes

It is no more a secret to anyone that having many likes on Instagram hands the fleur of popularity to your name on the rest of social media platforms and on your songs on streaming services. Also, it's worth noting the fact that now Instagram is the best place to direct your fans and listeners from. Having many likes on a post on Instagram where you talk about your new song or album always helps to convert organic traffic into more sales or subscriptions. No matter the genre your music belongs to, if you expose it on Instagram and work your likes, it is much likely to be noticed by the scene community, labels, managers and leading artists.

Why do they buy more and more Instagram likes? It's quite easy. If you come to promote a song on Instagram for the first time, you will discover that all your competitors and just other artists of your scene, managers and labels are buying Instagram likes to build up better trust and image on social media. If you're able to get your name famous for long, no matter how big are the likes you buy, the mix of organic and purchased retention will look natural and nobody will question it.

How to buy Instagram likes

Nothing special, all you have to do is to follow this short instruction. Our new clean and intuitive design will take you only a couple of minutes to start your first order.

  • Enter our website and choose Instagram from the menu.
  • Find Buying Instagram likes in the dropdown section
  • Choose one of the pacakges of likes from the list of our actual offers
  • Fill the Instagram username you are going to buy likes for
  • Continue to selecting one or more posts you'd like to boost. Check if all the order details are correct.
  • Follow to the checkout page and make the payment using the most suitable payment option.
  • Nothing more to do - relax and watch your likes grow.

Please do not archive or delete posts you selected until the order is complete. Keep your account public after you paid for your order and until the purchased service is completely provided.

How to get more Instagram likes on your posts

The old days when likes were the only measure of success on Instagram are long time gone. Since then, Instagram has gained a lot of new features, dramatically increased its user base and stepped forward as a platform for marketing products and services. However, many users work their daily routine on social media to ensure that their publications are adorned with high values of likes. Getting many likes still equals going popular online, it is most likely to take your content to the recommended section.

There are many different ways you can start getting more likes. Depsipte the apparent complexity, we can divide them all into two separate categories: free and paid likes. While ones can shaply decline all the tangible pros of the paid services, others can take profit from both variants. Guess who's going to be the leader at the finish line? In our mind quick results of instant delivery go versus the all positive effects of organic promotion. But if you'd like to succeed on such a highly competitive place with no rules as the today's social media, you have to take the best of everything.

Pros and cons of buying real and active Instagram likes

The first thing to know about it is you can't buy real Instagram likes. The only way to get Instagram likes from real accounts is to grow it organically. A few years ago when Instagram was not so big for their security it was possible to buy likes from live Instagrammers just like you and me. These times are gone and now companies can only create an image of providing real likes but it has nothing to do with reality.

While various expert marketing sources explained buying real and active likes is just a false advertising, the number of users looking for likes from active accounts is only growing year to year. Enormous popularity of such requests plays into the hands of companies selling growth services. Most of those doesn't care about the quality of products they deliver. In these conditions the cons of buying likes they call real and active are near-zero efficiency and clearly not authentic look.

When it comes to say about pros of buying active Instagram likes we mean they come from real accounts but not dumb bots. This sort of likes takes your content higher on ranking and gives you a better chance to reach recommendations with your photo or video. But even if you fell for that tricky advertising and spent a few dollars on likes from bots, you can always have your posts look demanded and popular. In this case make sure the majority of your organic audience put their likes on your posts as well.

Getting most of automatic likes on Instagram

There is only one way to do that, you will only have to buy automatic likes since there is no way to get this type organically. There are many providers on the Google's list that offer automatic likes, however it does not always work perfectly so it needs you to keep your eye on it all the time. This is basically why you can't buy auto likes from our website - we strongly advise our clients not to rely on some third-party solutions and software.

How to get free Instagram likes

Any experienced marketer can easily tell you a short guide to several sources you can get free Instagram likes from. One of the most common options is to go for mutual likes such as best known L4L by putting the particular hashtags on your posts. Another similar way is to enter thecommunity of mutual engagement on Instagram or some exchange service. This type doesn't work for everyone because it requres much time to put likes in return. In case you're busy focused on setting up your business, this way of getting free likes will not work for you in the way you'd like it to be.

Some sellers allow to get free Instagram likes from their websites as a tryout or a payoff after your register. Usually they doesn't bring many and you can only get it once a week or once a month. So the time you waste on it never come out worth the number of likes you gain.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the secret ways to buy Instagram likes cheapest. Today there is no secret at all because the price usually defines the quality. In these terms buying cheapest ig likes will not get you far so if you're looking for tangible and intensive results, it would better for you to pass the cheap sellers of poor quality bot engagement.

Well, you see, there is no trick - the only way to get free likes is to do that organically. Make your audience love the things you post on Instagram and this will get you to success sooner or later.

The recommended packages

It is completely up to you to pick the package you need. We can not recommend you to buy one amount of likes and to ignore another. Your choice must depend on many factors such as the average number of likes your posts get, the time you're buying likes at, having native ads running on your posts or not, etc. The most important factor is to keep the average number of likes on your posts look real to the number of followers you got. Still the statistics show our clients prefer buying 50, 100 and 1000 likes most of all. These are the best selling packs in 2024.

How to hide likes on Instagram

One of the latest feature Instagram offers is you can now hide your likes and make its number not visible to your audience.

  • To do this, enter the app, follow to your account setting through the three-stripes menu button, then tap on Posts menu item and then turn on "Hide likes and views counts" switch.
  • You can also make likes invisible on a particular post before you upload it. Firstly start a post on your feed, then after you uploaded a photo or video and before posting it, scroll the page down to the bottom and choose Advanced Settings. This is where you should turn on the knob at "Hide likes and view counts on the Post". Since this your post will get likes just as usual but your audience will not be able to see how many likes this post scored.
  • If you'd like to make the likes you received from some unwanted profiles wiped off from your post, simply block that profiles and the platform will not display the likes you got from them.

Buy Instagram Likes from a trusted provider!

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What are the benefits from buying Instagram likes?

    Buying likes on Instagram can be beneficial in the following ways:
  • A better growth - A post on Instagram which holds a sufficient number of likes is more likely to be visited further than the one with only a few "hearts" on it. Nobody will ever admit this in real life, but this is the way mostly all well-known blogger turn their posts popular and go highly engaged. Trending profiles show up to 70% growth on engagement with boosting likes on start.
  • Get recommended - Ranking algorithms of Instagram see no difference between the purchased and the organic activity. The winner always scores number one with the best gain with most likes, comments, followers, etc. The platform can't defect the purchased engagement from the organic, so users buy likes on fresh posts to score higher and reach the recommended section.
  • Social proof your brand - It is highly beneficial to build up better engagament on your profile in terms of social proof. How can you consider a person you don't know in real life? I bet the first thing to consider would be that person's profiles on social media. It is known that banks and job recruiters consider your digital trace in the Internet before they give you a loan or hire you. In these conditions a popular account can help you make a better impression in any situation.
  • Grow your fans - All popular things, persons, and opinions attract many people. It is very human to want to be a part of something greater, that is how our society is built. This idea is the key to the question of how do influencers grow so quickly. You can grow your followers that fast too if you fuse a smart promotion strategy with buying likes on your posts.

How fast can you deliver likes on Instagram?

Usually it takes minutes to start the process. You will notice the first likes appear on your post very shortly. However, it may take longer when it is peak time and the orders are too many or if the platform is going through another update. On these grounds we reserve 24h to deliver orders related to Instagram likes but in most cases it doesn't take this long.

How can I get more likes on my post?

    If would not like to buy likes at all, here is how you can get more real likes on your posts:
  • Decide on your story - It would be a good idea to pick a niche for your blog and then to focus on growing in it. If you can't think of anything, just google the most demanded topics on Instagram. Picking one from that list and working on your blog daily would most likely put you closer to success and to getting more likes, of course.
  • Work on your visuals - Instagram is essentially based on the visual content. So the first thing to do is to improve the quality of your photos and videos. Get a stack of retouching apps and editors, pick a set of filters for your content so you can keep the same style throught the feed. Your photos look brilliant now? Let’s head to step three.
  • Talk to you audience - It is crucial to show that you keep in touch with your crowd because social media is primarily about communication. Most experience bloggers advise newcomers to be social and friendly, we would tell that it can be very fruiting if you also comment on posts of your followers and guest eyes. Yes, it can be exhausting to spend way more time to living on Instagram but if you are aimed for success, then how can a little challenge like that stop you?
  • Be consistent - One half of your success is discipline and consistency. Try differen time of the day to upload posts and stories and find out the moment when your audience consumes and reacts to your content the most. Plan the feed uploads at least for two weeks and don't make your crowd wait for new posts. Doing it this way will let you level up on getting more likes on Instagram.
  • Feel free to buy Instagram likes because all big names are doing that. They will never admit to it, but we al know how it really is.

Why Playswiz is the best site to buy Instagram likes?

At PlaysWiz, you can buy Instagram likes, knowing that this boost will bring new benefits such as new followers for your brand and new prospects for earning online. There is no risk at all all because our team uses only tried and tested methods to grow likes on your posts. More than 100,000 complete jobs have already helped bloggers and companies succeed on IG. PlaysWiz offers the following guarantees:

  • 100% delivery guarantee - Over 100,000 people accept engagement jobs from PlaysWiz daily. People from all over the world turn online on IG to put likes on photos and videos of our clients. Our system is designed in a flexible way so you can buy likes using your tablet, phone or computer from any place in the world.
  • Absolute safety - We don't require you to hand us any of your private data to buy Instagram likes from us. Our website doesn't use cookies, we neither collect any data of your online presence so don't bother about your digital trace. We know you care about the safety of your credit cards and funds. That is why we handed all steps of the payment to the banks and financial institutions. In these terms, the process is held in a completely safe sector so there is no possible way for scam or leaks.

The team of PlaysWiz has more than 10 years of international expertise working in different digital marketing sectors. We have a deep understanding of ranking algorithms and what it takes to grow on Instagram today. The growth products we offer bring our extensive knowlege to the front of the process. Start build your social proof easier and faster with us right now!

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        I bet guys on PlaysWiz have had enough of me by now lol, I mean I'm a returning customer. I've been buying likes for my alter Instagram account from PlaysWiz for a few months and I'm happy with their job.
      • Jennifer
      • ★★★★★
        I need likes for each of my new posts. I only order likes from here for about a month - this company shows itself as a trustworthy service. And yes, it really looks it's people who put likes.
      • Lucky
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        Got my likes! Am I lucky?
      • Foxy13xo
      • ★★★★
        I had the likes I bought in about 5-6 minutes, no issues. The number sticked after a while. I am quite happy
      • Lee
      • ★★★★★
        There is no problem with this service yet, it’s already several months I’m using it. I’m happy with the service and their quality is fine. Not sure if the likes I buy here are all organic but they look fine. It’s quite a good promotion for this price.
      • John Doe
      • ★★★★★
        Likes as described, the numbers stick and don't drop. Awesome seller, keep it going!
      • Henry
      • ★★★★★
        Good service. The main point is they provide quickly and the rates here are quite low. So if you are still not an Instagram star, you can grow your page here. Respectfully, Henry
      • Tanya
      • ★★★★★
        I bought likes from PlaysWiz to make my posts meet the new number of followers and look natural. The delivery was fast as expected and a more important point, likes don't drop like it was with other providers.
      • Chris
      • ★★★★★
        I don't want to praise them for too much but I'm impressed about how they do their part. Likes are almost instant, only a few minutes after checkout, profiles look good. My five stars for PlaysWiz.
      • Debra Huggins
      • ★★★★★
        I make dolls and figures of game characters, I had to grow likes on photos to show my models to as many clients as possible. You know, when you get likes from many people, when they appreciate what you do, it helps much to move forward. It works for me in this way even if not all these likes are organic. The prices are not that expensive here, but the effect is great - my real fans grow, they bring more organic engagement and my sales get higher!
      • Lil Sizx
      • ★★★★★
      • Norma
      • ★★★★★
        I've been ordering likes from this webshop for three months or smth. I know that’s not some real people who like my posts but the profiles look very realistic. The way it goes here makes me sure, they won’t kick me for buying likes. The US likes I buy always show up quickly.
      • Tracy's Outfits
      • ★★★★★
        When I need to leap up engagment on my Instagram, I turn to this service to get likes and views. Never had any complaints about Playswiz. Yes they are a bit more expensive but they always listen and help fixing all the issues.
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