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Increase your visibility by driving attention from social media and converting it into extra plays and views for your music and videos.


Spotify is the leading platform to make music heard worldwide. With 286 million monthly active users and their free to listen model it opens the gate to the largest and widest audience available ever. We provide the most effective improvements for making your tracks streamed by many.


TikTok turns out to be the brightest sensation of the past decade. Once just a promising prospect media platform occupied by kids and teens who shared short dancing videos forwards in today as the world’s number one social app and network. Soft kitties and lovely dogs are already there competing your favorite celebs and the biggest brands for getting recommened to millions of users so why are you still not building your presence there?


A homeland for many electronic and dance music producers, labels, and enthusiasts, SoundCloud has risen from being a platform for discussion and collaboration to a major audio promotion and distribution pool which influenced the music industry and raised many artists to success and world famous names.
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Instagram needs no introduction - it is an essential part of the Facebook empire. Once they absorbed the rising startup, the network was only growing with new users and content. Today Instagram is a home spot for the most famous bloggers, trending events, online marketing, advertisement, news, and answers to all questions.

Why PlaysWiz?

We transformed our website and heavy app to a whole new user-friendly online service and simplified it to the essentials. No matter the device you own, you can receive an improvement on your content using by ordering out powerful genuine boosts 24/7. And it's not expensive at all.

Efficient solutions

No matter the improvement for Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube you are looking for - we provide these services from real accounts bringing outstanding performance and marketing results. If buying digital marketing solutions from us, you always receive the improvements in the most efficient way.

High-quality service

We are here to assist you from the moment of learning about how it works through the process of purchasing one of our products to the very final point. Our support is high on knowledge and deep understanding of taking your media to the top of the platform.

Experienced team

Nevermind the relatively new brand of PlaysWiz, the team is highly experienced working every day for several big social media marketing names and agencies you can find in top 10 queries. That makes us well-informed about all the latest trends of the platforms excellent results.

Safety And Privacy

It is important for us to take care of your privacy and personal data and that's why we do not require anything from you to make use of our boosts. Also, our website is securely protected by crypto protocol so there's no way for someone to intercept and steal information about orders. Playswiz equals absolute safety and privacy.

How we work

Today's level of competition makes the very first steps of promoting any product or media too complicated, especially for a non-expert. PlaysWiz is here to help - getting an increase in rankings on Spotify and SoundCloud has never been easier!


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The process of ordering from us was completely redesigned, so it is no more about boring registering and logins, no more authorizations and confirmations. At first, choose one of the products related to the platform you got your music or videos uploaded on. Then find out for yourself the best pick for the desired boost, decide on the volume of your future upgrade. After that, fill in the form related to the chosen product and package, provide us your username or a link, depending on the form fields. Once you are done with that, follow to the payment system and transfer us the appropriate sum for the operation. That's it, no more moves - from now just wait for the purchased service to appear on your media or account.

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